Guide To Create a Custom Room in BGMI (Battleground Mobile India)

Create a Custom Room in BGMI: BGMI is one of the fastest-growing and popular games in India which provides the option to battle on one or with a squad. Battleground Mobile India game popularity has been increasing day by day tremendously since its launch and after the improvement of graphics with stability.

Due to privacy issues Indian government has banned this game for years. Krafton launched the Indian version of this game by following all privacy and establishing a data center in India. In this article, we are going to read about how to get BP which is very useful in the game to buy from the shops. This game has over more than 100 Million installs on both Android and iOS so you can easily assume the popularity of this game among indian fans.

Create a Custom Room in BGMI

BGMI offers various rewards when you play and complete the task which includes pickup equipment and spending some time in some area or playing one map 3-4 times to get rewarded. This game has a unique feature that you can create a custom room where only selected gamers can play like only when you invite and if he join then only. 

In the game, room cards are needed to create such a scenario which is a little tough to get but when you and your friends can create as many custom rooms as you want. Create a custom room in BGMI where you can battle with your friends, challenge your competitors, and host tournaments for your fans if you are a streamer.

Having room cards has several benefits as we discussed you can play with your friends in Battleground Mobile India (BGMI). Room cards have the option to make this custom room either private or public when you create a custom room in BGMI. When you make this room private you have to assign a password so you play with only the player you invite.

While creating a room publicly you don’t need to assign it with the password and anyone can join this room. While creating this room you have the option to select which map you want to play whether it is Erangel Map or Practise TDM.

Having room cards has many benefits so in this article we are going to discuss how to create a room with cards if you don’t know the steps. We are going to discuss step by step to create a custom room with the room card private or public by choosing maps.

How to Create a Custom Room in BGMI

To create a custom room in BGMI game to play with your friends with custom settings made by you then is very important to have a room card that allows you to create a custom room in BGMI. Now we are going to discuss the steps and mediums to create a custom room in Battleground Mobile India.

Here are the mediums you can create a custom room in BGMI from

  • Shop
  • Clan Shop
  • Elite Royale Pass

Steps To Create Room Card From The Shop

Step 1: Open the game Battleground Mobile India on your mobile.

Step 2: You see the shop icon in the right-hand corner when you successfully open the game.

Step 3: Click on the shop icon and then click on the Treasure section you will see lists that pop out.

Step 4: Now click on the crate icon which is under the Treasure option.

Step 5: Under the treasure option scroll down a little and you will find the room card. There will be two types of room card

  • Advanced Room Card: 1-Use: UC 100
  • Advanced Room Card: 7-Use: UC 500

Step 6: Choose according to you and according to the card features click on the UC Gold button to make a successfull purchase.

Step 7: Choose the room card quantity according to how much UC Gold and how much room you need to buy. Now click on the purchase button and check your card in the inventory option where your room cards are successfully added.

Steps To Create Room Card From The Clan Shop

To be eligible and to buy the room cards from the clan shop you must have in the clan already. When you are the clan then you and your members in that clan will get clan points by playing games and completing tasks. With those clan points you can buy your favorite items from the clan shop which you need for the game improvement. 

Step 1: Take your mobile and open the game BGMI dashboard on your mobile phone.

Step 2: When are on the game dashboard you will see an up arrow at the end of bottom right screen.

Step 3: Click on the bottom right arrow and in the menu option there will many options to choose but you have to choose clan option.

Step 4: When you click on the clan option then click on the shop section from the clan dashboard.

Step 5: Find the room card when you are in the shop section. Buy the room card but remember your clan must have the level 2 to buy room card with the points.

Step 6: Click on the room car and buy the room card which cost 300 clan points for each room cards.

Steps To Create Room Card From The Elite Royale Pass

Step 1: To get or activate an elite royale pass you need to buy or spend your remaining UC credit.

Step 2: While playing the game keep in mind to complete the task to increase royale pass.

Step 3: At the 91 level you will get a room card for seven days and unlimited uses.

Step 4: To find this room card you need to go to the inventory option to use.

How to Create a Custom Room in BGMI

Step 1: The first step is to open the Battleground Mobile India game on your mobile to create a custom room in BGMI.

Step 2: On the screen right side check the inventory option and click on it.

Step 3: After clicking on the inventory option now you will have anther option of crate option.

Step 4: Now click on the crate option and you will see the room cards option.

Step 5: After having the option of room cards click on it and after clicking on it you will see the use option under that on the left side screen click on the use option.

Step 6: A pop will open for permission to use the room card, click on that option to use it.

Step 7: The room card will be added to the room section when you click on the OK option.

Step 8: Come back to the home screen and select mode from above the start button.

Step 9: Now look at the left side you will have the room option to click.

Step 10: Click on the Create Room located at the bottom right of the screen.

Step 11: In the next step you have to select which mode you have to play whether to choose a battle map or the challenge competitor in the TDM matches and this can be a solo or squad game.

Step 12: You have the option to keep your room public or private with a password or without a password so that only invited gamers can enter your room.

Room cards give you the option to play matches privately with the custom chosen players. While in-room matches players can only join after invites if the password is given while creating the room otherwise random players can enter from the clan. And after the room creation it stays only for 2 hours so be sure to play the matches within the given time.


Creating a custom room in BGMI is easy but complex as well so in this article we have cleared it in simple steps to create a custom room. Battleground Mobile India has the room features that make this game a different and leading game in the mobile gaming industry.

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